How to install Microsoft Core Fonts in Linux Mint

The Easy Way:

sudo apt update install
sudo apt install ttf-mscorefonts-installer

But that’s a lot of extra stuff if you just wanted the fonts

I just wanted the fonts.

The Slightly Harder Way:

  1. Search with DuckDuckGo or Google and find the fonts.
  2. Download each file, andale32.exe, etc, except wd97vwr32.exe. You don’t need anything in that file.
  3. Open 2 File Manager windows (to open the second one you can right click a directory like Home and select Open in New Window). In one open Downloads. In the other select View and Show Hidden Files from the menu and then open the .fonts directory.
  4. In your Downloads folder, right click each .exe file and Open With Archive Manager.
  5. Drag just the .ttf files to your .fonts directory.
  6. Note that you can keep your fonts in folders inside your .fonts directory. So in this case you could create folder like MS Core.
  7. Also note that you can install other downloadable fonts this way.

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