The Joystick Project 2

Here we go again. Someone wanted a joystick to play Ladybug with. Should be easy… Looked around for weeks with no luck. Everything was analog or way too expensive. Solution? Build it! And so begins Joystick2. This time I wanted to correct all of the problems of the first one seen here. (Too big, No where to rest your hands, Keyboard interface requires hot-swapping with keyboard, etc.) So I designed what I hope is the perfect joystick.

The size is about 9″ wide by 8.5″ deep by 4″ high. The top slopes at 10 degrees. The fire buttons are spaced about 1.75″ on center from each other. The interface is a Gravis Gamepad Pro (Bought at Super-WalMart for $14.99 U.S.) with a USB interface. The case is painted black with many coats of clear polyurethane.

Graphics were printed on a standard HP DeskJet color printer on regular white paper. Graphics were applied with decoupage glue and sprayed with clear polyurethane.

The joystick itself is a Wico brand joystick that I had laying around and the fire buttons are also from Wico.




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