The Joystick Project 4

Saw 2 3DO joysticks on eBay and thought “hmmmm”. $35.08 and shipping later… MINE! (picture from eBay. photo enhanced)

So then I decided to convert the bottom one to USB. Here’s how it went: (click on pictures for better view)

This is the gamepad I used. Gravis Gamepad Pro USB.

Bottom view.


Board removed.

Bottom of joystick.

Inside of joystick showing 3DO hack.

Closeup of 3DO controller hack.

3DO hack removed.

USB gamepad installed.

Closeup of gamepad.

Another Closeup.

Final Shot.

2.5 hours later 1 cool USB arcade stick. Still needs the initials cleaned off and a little glue here and there but for less than $40 there’s a great MAME joystick!

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