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planetjay.comI’ve created a new template loosely based off the “blacknblue” template that I found on the WordPress template site. The person who created it specified font sizes in em. What The Font?!? (Or some other WTF even) Why would you set the body text size and then base all other sizes on the whole site on the width of a lower case m in the body? It’s better now.

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Killed off some dead links. Added a few things. Enjoy.

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I’ve posted an about page that explains the site. Enjoy!

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I added a new mini project to the articles section. The article shows how I added a fan to my DSL Modem-Router with pictures.

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My Home Made PVRA new article was added about Building Your Own PVR. The story entitled “Building the Personal Video Recorder” “A Mini-ITX based PC in an old DirecTV Satellite Receiver’s case”, details some of the steps involved in building my quest to build a TiVo like device. See Articles on the Main Menu at the left for more info.