Apr 19Category: Linux

So in Linux Mint 19.1 I managed to kill Policy Kit. Nemo stopped prompting for a password when I tried to ‘open as root’. Synaptic Package Manager stopped opening when I tried to launched it. And various other things broke as well.

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Apr 14Category: Linux

The Easy Way:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install ttf-mscorefonts-installer

But that’s a lot of extra stuff if you just wanted the fonts.

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Jul 14Category: Miscellaneous

My new office seat is almost done.

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Feb 07Category: Electronics

I bought a VFD off eBay a few years back but it never worked. A few days ago I found it in a box and decided to try it again.

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Feb 06Category: Electronics

Finished my second project tonight. It’s a Bus Pirate 3.5a-SOIC   from Dangerous Prototypes. Again one of the most difficult things I’ve ever built.

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Feb 04Category: Electronics

Today I completed building my Bus Pirate Shield for Arduino from Dangerous Prototypes.  This was the most difficult project I’ve ever built.

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Aug 05Category: planetjay.com

Some new links including xkcd and updated a few links. Theme is coming together nicely. More stuff soon.

Aug 04Category: planetjay.com

Latest update to WordPress wouldn’t work with old theme. New theme started. More updates to come.